White Ale was one of the original beers that launched Holgate Brewhouse.

Gate Series

Gate Series releases are our range of special single-batch brews, annual releases, or vintage Holgate classics. These special occasion beers showcase the passion and talent of our brewers, they are a labour of love, focussing on unique styles often with high ABVs, speciality malts or other unique ingredients or long maturation periods. Released throughout the year, Gate Series beers are available nationally, in both keg and 500mL bottles, but strictly limited, so grab them while you can!

The Belgian Witbier Style

The Belgian Witbier (made famous by Hoegaarden) was a favourite from Paul Holgate’s early brewing career back in the 1990s. The style is light, refreshing and hops take a back seat. The spicy and fruity flavours are largely yeast-derived and classic Witbiers are also characterised by zesty flavours from the use of citrus peel and coriander seeds in the brewing process. It’s a great summer beer that pairs extraordinarily well with spicy Asian dishes.

Tasting Notes

This re-release of a Holgate classic indulges our nostalgia to taste one of the original beers that we launched our brewery with. It’s also a good excuse for the brewers to get creative and put an Australian spin on an old classic. The Holgate brewing team are following the Belgian tradition of experimenting with spices and botanicals, but using Australian bush foods – mountain pepper, strawberry gum, and finger lime. The authentic Belgian Witbier yeast, plus the unique fruit and citrus flavours of strawberry gum and finger lime along with the juniper-tinged spice of mountain pepper come together with whole Australian oranges to create a Belgian Witbier that is fruity, spicy, refreshing and distinctly Australian.


White Ale with Australian Botanicals


ABV: 5.3% EBC: 3 IBU: 8 OE: 12.3° Plato
Hops: Australian Ella
Malts: Pale, Wheat