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What is equity crowdfunding?
It’s similar to the crowdfunding you see on Pozible, Kickstarter, etc, but instead of putting money in and receiving a thing (like a product, film etc), you put money into an operating business and you receive shares, and become a part-owner. Businesses that want to expand rapidly or raise funding for (ie) more equipment/a new venue are well suited to equity crowdfunding. More >

How do I make in investment?
Click on ‘Express Your Interest’ and follow the information on the Birchal site. More >

What’s the EOI (Expression of Interest) campaign?
This is a non-binding indication where our supporters can indicate that they’d be keen to invest into the company. You can see our story, get to know the people behind the company and state the minimum you might invest and the maximum you might invest. When we go live with our raise, we’ll reach back out to you to let you know the offer is open and you can invest then.

How is it possible that an unlisted company can have more than 50 shareholders?
Investors that come in through a Crowd Share Fund offer are in a different shareholder category that don’t count towards the 50 cap, although they own ordinary shares in the company, the same class as Paul and Tash the Founders. That’s what ASIC stated when the legislation was passed in 2017.

Is this an equity purchase?
Yes, you will receive real equity and ordinary shares in Holgate business. The amount of equity you receive is based on the amount you invest and the value of shares in the round. The shares are the same class as the Founders and other significant shareholders.

What rules and legislation governs this crowdfund?
Crowdfunding is governed by legislation that is covered by ASIC (RG 261) and can only be performed by accredited organisations.

Will there be a dividend?
It is the intention of the business to pay all shareholders a dividend when the business is profitable and in a position to do so. There will be some retained profit to re-invest in the business and some returned to shareholders. In the interim, investors will get rewards based on their level of investors e.g. discount cards, product, accommodation and other hotel services. These will be outlined during the Investment phase.

What price will be set for the shares?
This will be detailed during the Investment stage, when this goes live (probably in mid-September), however about 10%-20% of shares in the business will be new shares through this fundraise.

What is the minimum Investment?
There will be tiers of investment, and appropriate rewards and incentives get bigger as individuals decide to invest more. The smallest investment can be as little as $250. Essentially it’s like buying a “brick” in the Holgate business but it’s still real equity and gets you a package of merchandise and rewards. General Public can invest up to $10,000 while sophisticated and high net worth investors can invest much higher upon consultation with Holgate.

How much money do we want to raise?
We have a minimum raise of $1.0 million to see the project kick-off. This is to enable us to do the minimum which is get a great canning machine and fund a packaging line. But ideally would ideally raise up to $3 million which would really set up the business.

What will the funding raised be spent on?
A range of initiatives to grow the business. Firstly, plant and equipment – larger fermenters to suit the new brewhouse, canning machine and associated packaging equipment, solar power so we can brew entirely by the power of the sun. Secondly, renovations and expansion to our existing Hotel kitchen capacity to cater for increased visitation and peak periods. Thirdly, a fully funded marketing budget and working capital to help drive growth for the next twenty years.

Will the funding raised be used to complete the Visitor Centre and building project?
No – this project is nearing its completion from a construction perspective and is fully funded already by combination of bank loan and Government Grant. We have a launch party planned for early October

Can I sell my shares?
Shares in private businesses are not easily transferred and generally not “liquid”. However it is possible to sell shares to other shareholders or back to the business during a company buy-back or an employee buy-out or to a third party purchase should the Founders wish to exit or partially exit.

Some more info:

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An expression of interest is non-binding and indicates no commitment.

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An expression of interest is non-binding and indicates no commitment.

Always consider the offer document (when it is available) and the general CSF risk warning before investing.