Bavarian Beer Pack


Enjoy the best of German beer, Holgate-style, and celebrate Oktoberfest at home!

We have 3 classic styles in our Bavarian Beer Pack:

Dunkel Lager
The original Munich style beer! This stunning copper
lager has a history steeped in tradition and tastes of
pretzels and breadcrust.
ABV: 5.1%

Hefe Weiss
This cloudy Bavarian wheat delivers fluffy soft malt and
some yeast driven esters. Highly refreshing with fruit that
leans toward banana and a touch of spice on the finish.
ABV: 5.3%

Strikingly bright golden hue, with noble hop aroma of
herbal, and floral notes. Dry cracker malt character and a
crisp bitterness to finish this elegant lager.
ABV: 5.1%


Available in the following sizes –

Bavarian Beer Pack – $24.50
(in our special gift box)

1 x 500mL Dunkel

1 x 500mL Pilsner

1 x 500mL Hefe Weiss

1 x Bonus Stubby Holder


12 Pack of Hefe Weiss

12 x 500mL Hefe Weiss cans


12 Pack of Dunkel Lager

12 x 500mL Dunkel Lager cans