New Canning Machine

We couldn’t be more excited to have our new canning machine up-and-running!

During 2016-2018 we scoured the world searching for the most appropriate canning machine for our business – visiting craft beer trade shows in the USA, local agents for international machines from Europe/USA/Asia and visiting other local breweries to benchmark their machine and their satisfaction levels. A combination of price, speed, technical performance, local engineering and service back-up were key parameters in our decision making process

Thanks to our incredible investors, the machine we purchased – CanPro 6000  – is imported and supported by local engineering company Splatt Engineering, and importantly the seaming gear (chucks and rollers) are supplied, installed and supported by Orora. Orora are also a global can and lid manufacturer and having their engineering team on hand to commission the seaming and provide on-going back-up support was a key part of our decision.

The machine runs at 6,000 cans per hour, and is commissioned to run 375mL and 500mL cans. We are utilising the same de-palletising, labelling and end-pack off equipment as per bottles – so effectively we have two filling machines (bottles and cans) running off the same Line. With minor change parts we can also run 330mL, 355mL and 440mL cans.

To commission the machine for 500mL we needed a beer to run through on this format, so a very small volume of hoppy pale was brewed for “fun” and good style because wastage can be high during machine commissioning! This beer – our Out of the Woods Pale Ale – will be released in early June. 

Thanks to all shareholders for their support and trust in the business and providing the funding for this machine which will now help us drive marketing efforts in this format for the growth of the business.