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What is the Keeper’s Guild?

It’s a beer club with super exclusive small batch brews and seasonal releases delivered straight to your door! Depending on your level of subscription, you’ll receive between 2 and 4 Guild Packs per year.

Is this a subscription or 1 off purchase?

It’s both, with no obligation to continue. By purchasing any level of Guild Pack, you enter our shipping cycle where you will receive all packs to a 12 month period (2 or 4 packs to completion). At the end of the 12 month cycle (generally at month 11) you will receive a gentle email reminder that your subscription to the club is nearing completion, and to continue (eg purchase another membership) you can do so by simply following a link to our website, to complete transaction. We do not store credit card data on our website, which means your credit card will only be charged once at checkout where to continue with the club, you will need to re-purchase once per year.

Will my credit card be automatically charged each year?

No. We do not store credit card data on our website, which means your credit card will only be charged once at checkout, and to continue with the club, you will need to re-purchase every year. We will have extra swag and specials for those members who re-purchase any Guild pack at the end of their annual pack.

Is there a minimum membership length?

Absolutely not. It’s a 12 month club which you are paying for, in advance. At the end of the year, it is entirely up to you to buy another year.

If I decide to cancel my Guild pack throughout the year (eg going overseas, no longer interested in beer, etc.) can I receive a refund on my already purchased pack?

No. Your package has been paid up front; any remaining packs will be forfeited. However, we are more than happy to redirect paid remaining packs to a friend or family member for safe keeping or as gift. You’ll need to get in touch with administration / our office on 0354272510 to verify the subscription and to make adjustment.

Can I choose the beers supplied in the pack?

No. Our brewers handle this for you! As the Guild club is about exclusive small batch and seasonal releases, you’ll take delight in receiving new and very cool releases. The selection will often correspond with stock control and our brewing schedule to get you the freshest, and finest Holgate beer available.



How much is delivery?

After you select any pack in our shop, you will enter a deliver address. Our web shop will calculate delivery based on the pack sizes, address and level of subscription (eg 2 or 4 packs per year). This amount will be totalled before any credit card data is required so that you can review delivery cost specific to your address. We use Fastway shipping, which we find incredibly competitive and we believe you will find the rate agreeable. We do not pad any handling fees or extra cost into delivery so that you may receive the cheapest courier rate, Aus-wide.

Is the delivery total at checkout an annual figure?

Yep. The total fee generated by our webshop covers all shipping cost for the entire year.

Who delivers the beers?

We use Fastway couriers for all Guild orders.

Do you offer local pickup of Guild packs?

Absolutely. If you live local, please ring our office to arrange for collection, straight at the brewery. At checkout, please select the Delivery Method: Pickup From Brewery.

When are my packs delivered?

Guild packs will be delivered around the release dates of new seasonal beers and this will change from pack to pack.

How will I know when my first pack is sent?

As above. Guild packs will be delivered around the release dates of new seasonal beers and this will change from pack to pack.

Is a signature required for delivery? Who can sign?

An adult (18+) will be required to sign for the package. To ensure legal compliance, the person responsible for receiving the delivery of alcohol may be asked to display a form of identification.

Can I add special delivery instruction?

Yes, please provide delivery instruction in the Comments field at checkout.

Can Guild Packs be shipped to PO boxes?

No, our courier service will not deliver to PO Boxes. Please consider a work or acquaintance address for safe delivery of your packs.



Is GST included with the pricing?

Yes. GST is fully inclusive to our advertised prices.

Can I purchase more than 1 subscription?

Absolutely. Please note, we require that each subscription is processed separately for correct shipping calculation (based on pack levels).

Why can I not order a Guild Subscription along with other items in the shop?

To satisfy the very technical requirement for correct shipping rate calculation of multiple items, billed in a single, annual figure it is only possible to purchase a Guild membership independent to any other item in shop (including further Guild packs).

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

Please ring 354272510. As this is our general line for all queries, it is likely the employee who answers won't be able to directly help, but they’ll take your number including details and a person with Guild sales and/or support will follow up with you. Alternately, drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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