Like a plump monk with a taste for the finer things, this not-so-traditional ale leaps from the middle ages to the 21st century with a double helping of dense, punchy flavours that will fortify your soul.

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Brewed each year in Woodend as the leaves begin to fall from the trees, Double Trouble is a Holgate classic dating back to 2004. An homage to the Trappist monks of Belgium who started brewing the rich dark beers in around that would evolve into the beer style 1850 now known as dubbel. Using dark malts and rich caramelized candi sugar the monks would formulate their own special recipe that would match the spicy fruity characteristics of their house yeast perfectly to produce a rich and fantastically complex beer.

Pouring a deep burgundy with dense tan head, notes of rich caramel, chocolate, spicey, dark fruits and raisons burst from the glass. Across the palate the 2015 Double Trouble delivers on all the aroma promised it would be, only with added complexity of the characteristic banana, clove and apple esters common to Belgian beers. The beer finishes clean and dry and the only sign of the 8% abv is a slight warmth that lingers and leaves a gentle memory across the palate reminiscent of a brandy soaked Christmas pudding.


Serve in a snifter, brandy balloon, goblet, fancy, red wine glass.


ABV8.0%   OG1.076   IBU30   EBC40

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We make it ourselves, microbrewed from authentic, natural ingredients. Uncompromising craft beer, bold and brimming with character.

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