Mt Macedon dominates the landscape overlooking the Holgate brewery. It’s massive, moody and magnificent – not to mention insanely popular with tourists and locals alike. No wonder they named it after our beer!

The perfect Holgate family holiday? A US Pacific North-West beer tour, of course. Result? Our 2009 odyssey to hop heaven lives on in this tribute to the spiritual home of craft beer.

Your new best friend. A long-standing favourite among beer enthusiasts and our most awarded beer. A classic earthy English bitter you meet in the pub and invite home for a round of snooker and darts.

Some beers just won't take no for an answer. A sultry seducer, this luscious winter warmer infused with Dutch cocoa and whole vanilla beans takes an old story somewhere new and bewitching.

Paul’s dad, Bernie Holgate, was an adventurer at heart. He loved riding motorcycles in the 1950's and grabbed life by the horns. Norton Lager pays tribute to Bernie and his freewheeling, risk-taking spirit. Locally grown hops transform this classic Munich Helles lager an easy drinking Aussie classic.

What started with plans for a New Year’s Eve party resulted in the imagining of a new beer not bound by style, but led by innovation. A beer with verve: Zesty citrus hops and a hint of sourness make this the quintessential New World beer perfectly suited to the Australian climate.

Give in to the Prince of Darkness and drown your senses with this wickedly assertive ale. Rich, strong and complex, this is a bold beer for special occasions and a devil-may-care spirit.

Big sister to our Temptress chocolate porter. Mature. Well built. An experienced mix of vanilla, dutch cocoa and locally roaster coffee beans. Not to be taken lightly.

Like a plump monk with a taste for the finer things, this not-so-traditional ale leaps from the middle ages to the 21st century with a double helping of dense, punchy flavours that will fortify your soul.

While cranking out our everyday beers, hoppy sensations or traditional styles, the Holgate brew-team dream up methods, styles and interpretation for our Special Reserve series – occasion beers, with character, depth of flavour, often designed for longevity and with alternative techniques and ingredients. These beers are brewed once per year, often in small discreet batches….. more for brewers pleasure than commercial sales.


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Nut Brown Ale
Brick Kiln Wheat
Half A World Away
Millennium Falcon
Big Reg
White Ale
Bruges Bombshell
Christmas Ale
Gruit Expectations
The Mild One
Black Forest Porter

We make it ourselves, microbrewed from authentic, natural ingredients. Uncompromising craft beer, bold and brimming with character.

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